Ipswich Labour’s Next Gerrymandering Exercise

Ipswich Labour are planning a gerrymandering exercise that involves building council houses on the site of the former Tooks bakery in Whitton Ward.

Politburo holder for housing, 
John Mowles said

It’s not been decided whether the homes would be built for council tenants, the open market or a mixture of the two. At the moment we are still looking at what the tenure of the homes would be.

Councillor Mowles indicated that it was unlikely to be 100% council housing like the Bader Close gerrymandering project in Priory Heath Ward.

Ipswich Labour are determined to go ahead with the gerrymanderng exercise in Whitton after losing Whitton Ward last May. Ipswich Labour believe that building council houses there will secure Whitton Ward for them because Ipswich Labour adhere to an ideology that stipulates that council tenants always vote Labour and do not aspire to anything.

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1 Response to Ipswich Labour’s Next Gerrymandering Exercise

  1. A.Brace says:

    Ipswich Labour working in Ipswich Labour’s interests again.

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