Tories to call off conference

Here the Daily Mail reports

The Scottish Tories have been forced to abandon a party conference on police advice after plans emerged for a major protest by a hard-Left hate mob.

In an unprecedented victory for extremism, fears for the safety of Conservative members triggered the ‘depressing’ decision to abandon the Conservative event.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, Scottish Secretary David Mundell, former leader Annabel Goldie and MEP Ian Duncan were among those due to address the annual West of Scotland conference in Largs, Ayrshire, next month.

The Red Front are resorting to intimidation, violence and individual acts of horror, against people who wish to exercise the Rights of Free Association, Travel, Speech and Free Assembly. This will become more and more likely under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. This is because he has no shame, he is a Fascist Left type and following the deserved destruction of Labour in May 2015, he and his ilk believe extra-Parliamentary strategies are a legitimate form of political method. This creates the concept of an ‘Armed Minority’ but without guns – they become a national, additional vanguard to the Parliamentary Labour Party – designed to silence opponents within and without the Labour Party. It’s a Leninist tactic and all people opposed to Totalitarianism MUST oppose Corbyn.

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