In Defence of Comrade Coates

Ipswich based, barmy, bolshevik blogger, crazy Corbynite and Labour Party member, Andrew Coates has come under a most vicious attack by some of his political enemies amongst his fellow bonkers lefties.

He’s had a good sob about it on his blog here.

According to Mr Coates’ blog John Wight of socialist unity said this

Andrew Coates is a card carrying member of the neo-McCarthyite gang that resides in the rotten, seeting swamp I describe in my recent piece in defence of Seumas Milne.

I don’t think McCarthyites carry cards. You see, we on the right believe that ID cards are an infringement of our liberties. Though the mythical neo-McCarthyite gang may carry cards to show their loyalty.

But I write this post to defend the mad Marxist of Alexandra. There is no way Comrade Coates is a neo-McCarthyite in any form. Though Comrade Coates is a Corbynista, he does not support the ideological purge of the Labour party that so many other members of the Corbyn cult believe to be necessary. Andrew Coates does not believe that Tories like Bryony Rudkin, Alasdair Ross and Erik Honniker should be purged from the Labour party. Therefore the accusation against Coatesy is wrong and unjustified.

Here is a video of Comrade Coates discussing the false accusations.

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