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Ipswich Labour Scaring the Electorate

Over the weekend Ipswich Labour were scaring the electorate with fire service cuts that would put their lives in danger. They have a leaflet with a petition on it and it just so happens their favourite blogger has obtained a … Continue reading

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Nasty Hypocrisy of Ipswich Labour Councillor

Cyber bully, Alasdair Ross has tweeted this. Strange that we trust these Tories to run our country when they could not even stop a bullying culture in their own youth organisation — Alasdair Ross (@AlasdairRoss) November 29, 2015 It is … Continue reading

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Guest post by Andrew Taylor.

To good not to share! ………………………… The Tale of Jeremy Corbyn The Tale of Mr Jeremy Corbyn Part 1 A principled fellow crawls out from under his rather damp little stone to ‘change the world’   Part 2 – A … Continue reading

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Latest from Ben Gummer

A Local Hero Deserves a Gong You know those moments so embarrassing that when you look back you slightly shudder at the memory of it all?  Well, I’ve had mercifully few as an MP but the worst was served – … Continue reading

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Unions Celebrate Greedy Mill Owners Victory

Big business has won the day. They will continue to be subsidised by the government through tax credits allowing them to pay crap wages. Out  of cowardice, George Osborne has kept this  Blairite, Neocon policy. The left rejoice at the … Continue reading

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Chantry Walled Garden Christmas Coffee Morning

Chantry Walled Garden Christmas Coffee Morning Chantry Walled Garden Chantry Park, Hadleigh Road, Ipswich IP2 0BS Tuesday 1st December 2015 10am until 3pm All proceeds will support the development of the  project.

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Labour are Incredible and have no Credibility

When the Shadow Chancellor stands at the despatch box and quotes out of the mass murderers Chairman Mao’s little red book you know the Labour Party are no longer any sort of credible opposition party. Story here

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