Ravenswood Public Enquiry


Ipswich Borough Council were represented by Mr Simon Bird an eminent QC and there were many Borough Officers present to put their case forward.

Richard Venning and Bryan Patterson were the only representatives from the Ravenswood Residents Association so the imbalance was quite clear from the start. The Planning Inspector was Melissa Hall and she was most accommodating. The Hearing lasted all day with much talk and interpretation of the word “integration” and the Council’s case was based purely on Need. Mr Venning put the Residents’ case very well but Mr Bird used all his legal skills to win the argument on Need and so it was left to a local Conservative Party member to point out that not once had anyone in the room mentioned the hard working people that have bought their properties on Ravenswood, pay their mortgages and their council tax.

Not once did anyone from the Council mention the possibility of anti-social behaviour which the local Tory member did and the Inspector was indeed interested in this.

The design was without doubt excellent and it is hoped that the Inspector, who visited the site, will come to a fair compromise and allow some private housing to be built on this site thus keeping the original conception of Ravenswood being a mixed and balanced community.

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4 Responses to Ravenswood Public Enquiry

  1. A.Brace says:

    Thank God that the Conservatives are standing up on behalf of Ravenswood residents.

  2. Ben Redsell says:

    Sorry Kevin, I must have missed you in the room. Also, can you please tell me who the local Conservative councillor for Priory Heath is? Would that be Cllr Knowles, Cllr Maguire or Cllr Quinton? Which one of these three local ward councillors has switched from Labour?

    Some of this reads as though it is lifted directly from Liz Harsant’s report of the event. Do you routinely steal other people’s work without attribution? Do you have her permission to reproduce her work as though it is your own?

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