The Corbynista’s of Ipswich Labour

Many of us strongly believed that it was right that the majority of Labour members voted for Jeremy Corbyn because people who have voted Labour in the past have a right to know what kind of people the Labour party puts up in council elections. Now everybody knows what the Labour Party’s grass roots are like. Labour’s grass roots want to scrap trident, have the nation flooded with immigrants and have a government that keeps spending money until bankruptcy. The majority of Labour’s grass roots members adhere to the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, security threatening ideology of Jeremy Corbyn.

“Surely the majority of Labour members in Ipswich don’t adhere to the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, security threatening ideology of Jeremy Corbyn.” I hear you gasp. Well actually they do and a Labour councillor has confirmed the fact here on his blog.

The posts starts with an exaggeration about the number of new members Ipswich Labour have and then, in light of the fact they joined because they agreed with Corbyn, the truth is revealed.

it is obvious these new members will bring a much needed boost to the party but what was also noticeable that most of their concerns were the same and also concerns that current Labour members and councillors already held.

Oh dear.

The post continues.

It might surprise the Tories and Mr Gummer, no one mentioned London in ‘60’ for our trains, or even turning the town centre round

Well of course not. Such things were not issues during the 1970’s were they?

The list is predictable.

The NHS – They fear even more privatisation

The reason for the socialist NHS fetish is for the purpose of the never ending war that George Orwell talked about.

It’s not a matter of whether the threat to the NHS is not real, or if it is, Victory is not possible. The threat to the NHS is not meant to be stopped, it is meant to be continuous.

In principle the supposed effort to save the NHS is always planned to keep the comrades on the brink of despair. The war is waged by the the socialist elite against its own supporters and its object is not the victory against either reforms or privatisation but to keep their minions always on edge.

The threat to the NHS is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make Labour’s supporters too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.

Their lives are dedicated to saving the NHS, but they also know that it is necessary that the quest to save the NHS should continue everlastingly and without victory. Meanwhile the fact that there is no danger to the NHS makes possible the denial of reality.

The second one on the list is also predictable

Refugee crisis , most were embarrassed by the poor and weak response to the crisis shown by Cameron and the Tory Government

So Ipswich Labour support an open door immigration policy and no borders. They want anybody who wants to come here regardless of the reasons they want to come. If they want to come here as asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants, health tourists, benefits tourists or they just want to come here to bomb us, Ipswich Labour believe all should be welcome here. Mass immigration leads to lower wages and a strain on public services but Ipswich Labour clearly adhere to the Corbynite ideology that leads them to want to establish their ideological dream of a global socialist paradise in micro, regardless of the costs.

The third one on the list is an old favourite too.

Education – Not only the forced academisation by the Tories but the complete dismantling of the further education provision in the UK.

If Ipswich Labour care about education, then why do they want to put a strain on the education system by creating the situation where local education authorities have to spend more money on interpreters than teachers?

The councillor continues

The further education question is one that the Labour Party should have raised earlier,

Before Labour introduced tuition fees would have been a good time. The trouble is, further education needs to be funded somehow and in true Corbynite fashion, Ipswich Labour believe it can be funded by the mythical magic money tree they believe in.

The councillor ends his post by lying to the electorate.

Our Tory Crime and Commissioner has been asked directly about police involvement with our Area Committees and elected representatives, at first we got no response but after asking again we were told it was up to the Chief Constable not the PCC- ducking the question?

Local Police SNT’s speak at Area Committees giving crime statistics and listing their priorities already. If members of the public want priorities to be changed, they are allowed to express their wishes. There has been occasions when priorities have been put to a public vote.Local councillors also have behind closed doors meetings with local SNT’s. Why the outgoing Rushmere councillor for Labour feels the need to lie about such a thing is beyond me.

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4 Responses to The Corbynista’s of Ipswich Labour

  1. Julie says:

    Because of these horrible policies, a lot of my friends who voted Labour in May are not going to be voting Labour again.

  2. A.Brace says:

    Ipswich Labour are a bunch of nutcases. Nobody believes the shit they believe in anymore. They are deranged. Let’s hope Ipswich is rid of their control in May.

  3. Katie Spearman says:

    Have you seen the latest post on Alasdair’s blog in response to your post Kevin? It’s hilarious.

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