Conservatives vote to abolish roaming charges

Vicky Ford MEP and Ashley Fox MEP explain why Conservative MEPs are in favour of scrapping mobile roaming charges across the EU in th evideo below.

The deal on roaming & internet in a nutshell

1. When travel across Europe use your phone like at home – from 2017. Important safeguards so those who stay at home won’t pick up the costs of those who travel.
2. Fixed line customers will be able to take action against their internet provider if service quality does not match that advertised
3. Users will be free to access content of their choice. It will not be blocked or slowed down. No 2 speed internet in Europe.
4. Importantly parental control packages, where permitted in a member state, will be allowed to continue.

The end of roaming charges is good news and the fact that it’s upset Roger Helmer is a bonus.

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1 Response to Conservatives vote to abolish roaming charges

  1. Jack R says:

    However all those in favour of staying in the reformed relationship with the EU will proclaim this new arrangement as one of the benefits of why we must remain in. If that is the best they can come up with, along with an alleged loss of 3 million UK jobs which the former leader of the LibDems and the CBI will be going on about for the next year or two, then their argument is pretty weak.

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