Ipswich ‘Red Tories’ in Fear of Purge?

Going by the latest post on the dRoss Blog, in Ipswich the Red Tories are obviously in fear of being purged.

Councillor Ross has written a post with the title of “I will not be singing the National Anthem on Sunday” Now, to most of us it sounds akin to Corbyn claiming the commemorating World War I is a waste of time. It is quite a dogs breakfast of a post. It is a post where he says that politicising Remembrance Sunday is wrong, while the post is clearly politicising Remembrance Sunday. Even stranger, he says how wrong it was people making a big deal out of him not singing the national anthem and yet in the same post, he makes a song and dance about David Cameroon having a poppy photoshoped on to his Facebook profile picture. He insists that he is not a red Tory and seems to try to avoid being a victim of the Corbynista purge by ranting against the Tories.

Now obviously as Alasdair is ex military he does not adhere to the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, security threatening ideology of Corbyn in it’s entirety. But he won’t speak out against it. It’s outrageous. Labour listen to people who call for resistance against British troops and yet Alasdair stays silent. Is he in fear of being purged or does he hate Tories more than his party leaders security threatening, terrorist sympathising, Britain hating ideology?

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