Christians in Aleppo.

Open Doors Reports

Many thousands of Christians still live in the government controlled parts of the city, but, according to Open Doors sources, the city is in a perilous state.

“For ten days now the city has been under seige and there are no roads open to travel in or out the city,” says an Open Doors source. “There is a shortage of everything in the government controlled areas of Aleppo city.”

One of our contacts in the city reports: “There are no food supplies. Even the UN relief packages are stopped. Vegetables and fruit have disappeared from the markets and shops. All the restaurants are closed. There is no petrol in the stations, so the taxis have stopped – and those who saved a little bit are asking high prices. Students are walking for more than hour to go to the university.”

There is no electricity and no running water. Instead, people are standing in very long lines to fill cannisters. “The only time they can collect is between 6 and 11 pm while the generators are working to pump the water out,” said our contact.

“Randomly in the city shells hit. People start to become more and more hopeless. Some people are selling their apartments for only $10,000 [£6500]. They want to get the money and as soon as the road opens again, they want to leave Aleppo for good.”

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