The UKIP Meltdown Continues

Councillor for Cliftonville West on Thanet District Council, Emma Dawson has left UKIP and joined the Conservatives.

Here in the Thanet Gazette she says

“I am fully aware how difficult it can be for a new administration such as UKIP to take over and try to succeed while working and developing their role within the council.

“It has been very painful to watch Ukip decline so rapidly in such short months.”

“The Manston pre-election pledge is a Ukip promise and I have not seen why there hasn’t been a decision to arrange a meeting that involves RiverOak and Thanet District Council, which extends to all members of the council and both sides’ legal representatives.

“Being open and transparent are values that the public demand and the Manston issue still places a huge question mark over the council.”

“I have joined the Conservative Party as I feel unity, discipline and structure have enabled them to develop into a strong local group.”

Leader of the Conservative Group, Bob Bayford said

“We extend a warm welcome and look forward to working with Cllr Dawson.”

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