Gipping Ward Councillors don’t even know where the ward is

At yesterdays South West Area Committee it came across that Labour councillors present didn’t even know where Gipping Ward was.

It was mentioned that the South West SNT has been moved to land mark house. It was then mentioned that there may be a blue light hub created where Princes Street fire station is and were told that the SNT would be nearer South West Ipswich there but not in it. The fire station is in Gipping Ward.

Later when ward councillors were giving feed back on things in their wards, Gipping Ward Councillor for Labour, Jeannette Macartney mentioned an event taking place in Sprites Ward. It was a Christmas Fayre taking place at Chantry Library. Now this may be of interest to residents across the South West of the borough, but it is not an event taking place in Gipping Ward. If our ward councillors don’t even know where our ward is, then we are seriously being let down.

It is know secret that our councillors don’t care about Gipping Ward but I did think that they cared enough about it to know where it is. Obviously they don’t. Gipping Ward desperately needs a local councillor who would stand up for local residents.

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