Consultation on proposed fire service cuts in Suffolk

Yesterday the Suffolk County Council cabinet gave the go ahead for a 14-week consultation on the Fire Service’s Integrated Risk Management Plan and associated proposals. The consultation is scheduled to start on the 16 November through to February 2016.

Consultation information will be published on the Suffolk County Council website.

Suffolk County Council is aiming to save £1.3million from the fire service’s £22m budget by 2017/18.

The proposals include replacing one of the two fire engines at Sudbury with a rapid response-type vehicle, removing one of the three fire engines at Bury St Edmunds, reducing the fire engines at Ipswich from six to three and closing Wrentham fire station.

Meanwhile, figures show that 22 people employed by Suffolk County Council, not including school staff, earned more than £100,000 in 2013/14. In 2012/13 it had 10 over that threshold. I personally believe that the proposed cuts to the fire service are detriment to the service and savings would be better achieved by cutting fat cat salaries.

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