Chantry is not boring!

In Fridays Morning Ipswich Star was a story saying that the borough council considers the Stoke Park and Chantry areas of the town to be boring. You can read the article here.

The article says

The Chantry, Stoke Park and Maidenhall Character Area Urban Characterisation Study looks at how the area should develop in future years.

And although it makes it clear that many residents like living there, it makes no great claims for its current design merits.

The report says of Chantry: “The lack of variety in streetscapes and housing unit designs should be addressed through eyecatching and innovative development design.”

And of Stoke Park and Maidenhall it says: “Greater contrast and diversity is needed in the built environment in order to create landmarks and improve placemaking.”

Lack of variety in streetscapes and housing unit design?

There is great variety of streetscapes and housing unit design. If Chantry is boring then the whole town must be boring.

I have to confess that when I first read the article, I was thinking that perhaps they were planning on making a mess of the Chantry part of Gipping Ward like they made a mess of the Princes Street part of Gipping Ward in the 1960’s. It really is Princes Street they need to look at. Take a walk from the station in to town as if you’ve never been to Ipswich before. The loss of the cavernous subway is an improvement but the street is still rather grim.


The council document says nothing of the sort.

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