Jeremy Corbyn Must Go

OK it was fun to start with but the joke has gone on for long enough.  Jehadi Jez and his Britain  hating comrades are damaging our democracy.

The Labour party’s terrorist sympathising, security threatening, Britain hating ideology is alienating people from politics and damaging our democracy.

Enough is enough!

First of all Corbyn questioned the legality of an act of war against an enemy combatant, saying that Emwazi should have been arrested instead of vapourised. Maybe he thinks that the Somme wouldn’t have lasted so long if we’d arrested a few Germans. By this, Corbyn showed that he is not fit to lead her majesty’s opposition. He then said that he disagrees with the British police having a shoot to kill policy when it comes to terrorists. Quite how the local safer neighbourhood team would manage to put the handcuffs on a machine gun wielding lunatic, I don’t know but Jeremy seems to think it’s possible.  Then today when he was asked if there were any circumstances where he would consider military action  against ISIS, he replied with “Well that is a hypothetical question.”

We can’t carry on having this idiot as leader of the Labour Party. It’s ridiculous. Jeremy Corbyn needs to be removed as soon as possible.

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