Labour Upset at getting a taste of their own medicine

Labour, the political party that loves to put leaflets through doors full of lies about the Tories are most upset about UKIP posting a leaflet about the Labour Party in Oldham.


According to political scrapbook here axing our armed forces, abolishing the monarchy and giving the Falklands to Argentina are not actually Labour policies and  only uncontrolled, mass immigration is a Labour policy.

The reaction from the political abhorrence that is the Labour Party is astounding.  Labour’s campaign methods are methods of lies and smears designed to frighten the electorate into voting for them.  When it comes to campaigning, Labour are vicious bullies who  never let the truth get in the way of the misinformation they put out to scare people in to voting for them. Now like all bullies, they are balling their eyes out after being hit back. I feel no sympathy for Labour.

We don’t need to lie about the Labour party when the truth is that Labour under Corbyn are a Britain hating, terrorist sympathising threat to national security.

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