Full Council Meeting Report

Article 7 was the urban plan for the South West area of Ipswich. Westgate councillor for Labour, Carole Jones took the opportunity while speaking to speak against the nonsense Mr Geater had written in the Morning Ipswich Star where he claimed the document called Chantry and Stoke Park boring. She said that Chantry was far from boring and the Conservative candidate for Gipping Ward voiced his approval of what she said from the gallery.  While this was going on I noticed that Mr Geater was pointing to things in the document to the Loathed One. I’ve looked at the document and I can’t see anywhere, where anything is called boring. After this, Conservative councillor for Stoke Park stood up, supported the document and stood up for Stoke Park, saying that is was far from boring. After this Bridge Ward Councillor for Labour, Bryony Rudkin wistfully said  that she couldn’t think of it as boring. Then  David Ellesmere stood up and said that as a councillor of Gipping Ward he felt the need to defend Chantry. The need may have developed when the Conservative candidate for the ward who is standing against him next May was clearly approving of everybody else’s defence of it from the gallery. Though the truth is that Chantry is probably the only part of the ward they ever think of. After this Gipping Ward councillor for Labour, Peter Gardiner carried on the defence of Chantry saying that Chantry has good quality housing.

What I get from the document is that the planners in the 1950’s put considerable thought in to what they were doing and how they used the topography of the land and cleverly kept all the parkland trees to make it so pleasant was brilliant.

Article 9 was To Consider a Motion from Councillor M Cook:

This Council notes with concern provisions in the Trade Union Bill 2015-16. This Council values the constructive relationship that we have with our trade unions and is concerned that the Trade Union Bill as currently proposed by the Government would adversely affect this Council’s right to manage its own affairs, and its relationship with its trade unions and its workforce as a whole. In particular, we believe that facility time and payroll deductions are local administrative matters that should not be determined by central government. We therefore request that the Chief Executive writes to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills calling on the Government to drop these elements of the Bill.

What this motion was about was simply Labour trying to protect their funds that they obtain from the unions. You see, at present union members have to opt out of funding the Labour party and the bill will mean that members will have to opt in. This could lose Ipswich Labour a lot of money and so under the direction of their trade union masters, they put forward a motion in their own interests instead of the people of Ipswich. Councillor Cook spent considerable time trying to make it sound like it was in the interests of the town rather than the Labour Party. Councillor Cenci rightfully said that the Conservatives were not going to debate this Labour Central Office Dictat.

Labour then started praising their masters present in the public gallery claiming that they actually care about working people. Councillor Hopgood claimed it was an attack on workers rights and went in to a party political broadcast. Councillor Ross started talking about his army career and quite what it had to do with the motion is anybody’s guess. Maybe he feels the need to look busy as he is up for re-election next year. Councillor Whittal claimed that the government bill was ideologically driven when in fact it was the Labour Party motion that was ideologically driven. Councillor Jones claimed that the governemnt only have a mandate from 25% of the population when in fact only 13% of the population adhere to the barmy, extreme, Left wing ideology currently adhered to by the Labour Party and their trade union masters. Ellesmere claimed the bill was indefensible when in fact using the full council meeting to protect the interests of a political party is indefensible. They carried on lavishing praise on their masters to the point where it was getting unbearably emetic and I was beginning to wish I had taken along a good book to read during this Labour/Union love in. Then Labour decided to play silly buggers with Councillor John Cook asking for a recorded vote because he wanted to know how the Tories voted individually. All the Tories abstained and everybody else voted to protect the interests of the Labour Party.

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