Abelio Anglia are a Joke

Abelio Anglia are a complete and utter joke. At present there are not trains running between Ipswich and Felixstowe, no trains running between Norwich and Great Yarmouth and a limited service between Ipswich and Peterborough.  The reason? Well apparently, they haven’t got enough trains. So we have a train operator that has a shortage of trains.

Rumours abound that Abelio Anglia are planning on scrapping services between Ipswich and Felixstowe and Norwich and Great Yarmouth. The rumours are based on the fact that Abelio Anglia consistently provide a crap service to passengers on those two lines by cancelling trains on a regular basis and not having any trains on the lines at all at present.

The limited service between Ipswich and Peterborough  is costing Suffolk business and losing us money. Our rail links to the Midlands are rubbish at the best of times but this lack of trains is making some journeys that would benefit the Suffolk economy, impossible.

Abelio Anglia seems only bothered about trains to London as if London is the only place anybody wants  to go and even then, a lot of the rolling stock is what nobody else wants.


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