Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) What are the Signs?

Crimestoppers is working with Suffolk Police to target parents, teachers, youth workers and young people themselves, to raise awareness across the Suffolk of the signs of CSE

The signs to look out for include:

  • Young people involved in abusive relationships, intimidated and fearful of certain people or situations
  • Young people hanging out with older people or anti-social groups or with other vulnerable peers, including others involved with CSE
  • Young people getting involved in gangs, gang fights and gang membership;
  • Having older boy or girlfriends
  • Having new things like clothes or mobile phones which they can’t or won’t explain
  • Having access to drugs or alcohol
  • Spending time at places of concern such as hotels or known brothels
  • Young people who don’t know where they are because they have been moved around the country
  • Young people that go missing from home, care or education

More information here

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