The Corbynista’s are Stalinists

Labour MP Stella Creasy claims she was ‘bullied’ by anti-war protesters.

On Tuesday night, anti-war protesters marched through Walthamstow and held a vigil outside of Creasy’s constituency office in northeast London. Activists plastered her door and windows with sticky notes spelling out the word “No” to pressure the undecided MP to vote against airstrikes.

More here.

Then after the vote we got things like this

These tactics are Stalinist tactics. This is because the main core of the Corbynistas are Stalinists.

They want everyone in the Labour Party who doesn’t agree with them to be removed from the Labour Party. We must presume that they would also like to run society along the same lines. This means that if they were in government, they would want anybody who disagreed with them, removed from society. This is exactly how it was in Stalinist Russia.

The Corbynistas are Stalinists.

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One Response to The Corbynista’s are Stalinists

  1. George Warren says:

    It is good to know that there remain 66 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party who accept that as citizens of the world, we cannot turn our back on our allies when they call for our help. Therefore they were prepared to have the courage of their convictions to vote for destroying the death cult of ISIS, despite the fact that the left wing invasion of their party means that for them personally, it could mean the eventual end of their parliamentary career.
    It was also ecouraging that the Liberal Democrats saw sense, as well as the DUP.
    Sadly Scotland has been taken over by a bunch of SNP MP’s who don’t seem to care about British defence, but instead vote against the Conservative government regardless of the issue. They then complain that Scotland does not agree with destroying ISIS in Syria. They conveniently forget that our Nation’s defence is not a devolved matter but is a matter for the UK Government.

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