Well Done the 66 Labour MP’s who Voted for Airstrikes

Yesterday started with the Prime Minister, David Cameron putting forward his case for extending our bombing of Saudi Arabia Daesh in Iraq to Syria and Jeremy Corbyn put up a ridiculous case against it. Corbyn’s speech was extremely lame and seemed to lack any sort of conviction. He was saying that we shouldn’t rush in to war. As this has been going on for five years, it’s hardly a rush is it? He then talked of dire consequences from Daesh if we bombed them in Syria. It sounded just like the kind of crap Daesh come out with to scare us. After this, the debate continued for another eleven hours. The fact that we were already bombing  Saudi Arabia Daesh in Iraq made the fact it was being debated ridiculous.

At about 6:30 in the evening the Ipswich Corbytrons held a rally on the Ipswich Town Hall steps. They had some really stupid banners. One just had the name ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ on it, another said ‘Jobs not bombs’ there was also a Suffolk Peoples Assembly for National Bankruptcy Against Austerity banner there.

Corbytron Rally on Ipswich Town Hall Steps.

Corbytron Rally on Ipswich Town Hall Steps.

They basically gathered on the Town Hall steps and started giving speeches to themselves and cheering each other. The speeches were very muddled and also rather condescending towards those who are not Corbytrons “We need to educate people” was the gist of one speech. ” All the usual Ipswich Left Wing loons were there.

The climax of the debate taking place in the House of Commons came when Hilary Benn MP made an absolutely outstanding speech in favour of airstikes on Daesh in Syria. Jeremy Corbyn sat behind him silent and humiliated.

Hilary Benn gave an outstanding speech as Corbyn sat behind him humiliated.

Hilary Benn gave an outstanding speech as Corbyn sat behind him humiliated.

Shortly after this parliament voted for airstrikes to be extended to over Syria. Then as Jeremy Corbyn has brought in ‘a new, kinder form of politics’ the Corbytrons turned rabid with many of them taking to twitter with stuff like this.

This was backed up by Corbyn’s strongest ally, Ken Livingstone. More on that here.

What is highly amusing about this is the fact that in a quest for ideological purity the Corbytrons are starting to turn on each other. Corbynites are calling for their dear leader’s deputy to be deselected for being a ‘Red Tory’

Here is Hilary Benn’s excellent speech in full

I add that when a young girl is so violently raped that she subsequently bleeds to death in front of her screaming mother being made to watch only because they hold true to a different faith it’s time to act. This barbarism is a global problem and it has to stop using “all necessary means” as the UN resolution says. War was declared by Daesh on the western world. They are pure evil. There is no alternative but to support air strikes to beat them.

Correction: Teresa McKay and Andrew Coates were there.

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