The Floods in Cumbria

As a One Nation Conservative as well as somone who is half Cumbrian and proud of it (My mother taught me to Be Just and Fear Not) I am perplexed. When the Thames got naughty west of London we had Cabinet ministers and Shadow Cabinet ministers and every party leader in wellies jabbering to the TV cameras.

Now while Cumbria is suffering this bluudy gaie come off, the only politician available to speak to the media is the MP for Pearith and the Border, Rory Stewart. Nobody of importance from Westminster want to be traipsing aboot Cumbria. I find this a lot more annoying than I do interesting.

Why am I annoyed so much? Here’s a picture of the bridge that was in the village my grandmother was born.


Here’s my Mothers home city.


Now  I understand the pictures don’t do much for Ipswich people. But it does for me. On the news I see Warwick Road, Brunton Park, Hardwick Circus, Cadewgate. Bitts Park, Castle Way and English Street, names that mean nothing to Ipswich people, apart from maybe members of my family, Steve McCall and Kevin Beattie. Why is there such a lack of concern from the big hitters in Westminster?

I know they’re a stoical lot up there and I guess that’s the best way to be. As somebody who knows Carlisle and have seen the pictures, you’d need something the height of a house to stop that. But could you build something that tall that could hold that amount of water? The thing gets breached and you end up with houses being demolished by it.

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One Response to The Floods in Cumbria

  1. Patricia Freeman says:

    Well David Cameron has been there today (Monday) so your information is not up to date!

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