Ipswich Labour’s 2016 Borough Election Campaign

Ipswich Labour’s Borough Elections 2016 campaign is in full swing and they are disingenuously fighting next years elections on county issues due to the fact that Ipswich Labour’s borough record is so abysmal.

On the fifth of December they tweeted this

Now we know that the petition is a devious way of getting hold of people’s Emails so that they can send them lots of spam full of lies about what the Tories are doing at county level and nationally. If they cared they would point people to the consultation but being so slieght and devious, they are claiming that no consultation exists as can be confirmed by this retweet


How revoltingly dishonest they are being.  The really awful thing about what Ipswich Labour are doing is the fact that the County Tories will see their ‘petition’ for what it is. They will see it as party political posturing and ignore it.  Ipswich Labour know this but as they just want to annoy people and frighten them into voting Labour, it matters not to them.

A proper consultation is taking place as I said here. But Ipswich Labour are not interested in the future of the fire service or the safety of the public. The only thing Ipswich Labour is interested in is Ipswich Labour.

If you are a Suffolk resident who has yet to take part in the consultation, I encourage you to do so here.

Also according to Ipswich Labour’s twitter account, I have been informed that going by a couple of tweets put together, they had a Christmas party and lost £13.90 of the money they raised in four days. Their twitter account also says that they are having a curry night in January.

Ipswich Labour sources inform us that they are about to carry on the fire service bogus political point scoring exercise and are about to start campaigning about park and ride closures which in reality won’t happen. This will be followed up by a third county issue as they lie to the electorate, saying that the fire service and park and ride will be the first to get the chop. So we know exactly how Ipswich Labour are going to confuse the electorate talking about county issues during a borough election campaign.

Fire consultation here.



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5 Responses to Ipswich Labour’s 2016 Borough Election Campaign

  1. Julie says:

    Ipswich Labour are suçh horrible liars. I’m so pleased you are exposing those nasty people.

    • A.Brace says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s good that the General Election showed that Ipswich people don’t fall for Ipswich Labour’s disgusting lies.

  2. Sid of Ipswich says:

    Your website is brilliant at exposing Labour’s dishonesty and their motives. But the problem is that this blog is only seen by a small proportion of people. In the meantime, they get away with it by doing their silly petitions and leafleting. Let me know privately please how I can help the local Tory party in combating these horrible people. I want the best for my town.

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