East of England Labour can’t take their own medicine

The viciousness and the dishonesty of Labour’s leaflets is well established. A typical Labour leaflet is usually full of vicious attacks on the Conservative Party. As a rule us Tories take it on the chin and carry on fighting decent , honest campaigns.  But  though Labour are very good at dishing out nasty, vindictive leaflets, they go absolutely spare  when somebody dishes it out on them.

The attention of East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has been lead to the reaction of East of England Militant  Momentum and various Essex Labour activists to a Conservative Party leaflet that has been delivered in Southend’s Westborough Ward.

Now I have noticed that I can’t find the  electoral agent’s name on it, so it may not have been endorsed by the Conservative Party though it contains the hard truths that Labour want to take us back to the 1970’s and Labour are now hard left. Also, socialist councils are always asking for more money. What the leaflet appears to do  is use the tactics Labour consistently use against the Conservatives, on Labour. Because Labour have had their tactics used against them, the reactions to the leaflet here and here, are hilarious.

Poor leaflet content is hardly news when it comes to the output from Southend West’s Tories, but I struggle to recall anything as bad as the latest offering from their Westborough team. It is beyond awful; frankly it is embarrassing.

Bad? Beyond awful? Embarrassing? As it seems so much like so many Labour leaflets I have read in the past, we must call Labour leaflets bad, beyond awful and embarrassing too.

Inflation was at no point, last year or this year, at 0%.

Yes it was!

So, in Southend, Labour have had a taste of their own medicine and they don’t like the taste of it.


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