Labour are a Threat to our National Security

Simon Danczuk says here

There’s nothing edifying to see here. Whether it’s Corbyn supporters celebrating the hospitalisation of Labour MP Mike Gapes, the lynch mob mentality on social media, or threats and intimidation from pitch-fork-wielding revolutionaries in Momentum, the ‘new politics’ has long abandoned any pretence of decency.

And now that the tone of the ‘new politics’ has hardened, Jeremy Corbyn’s backing band, the Stop the War Coalition, are busy setting the mood music to a sickening new doctrine.

When they’re not playing down the crimes of fascist butchers IS and unbelievably comparing jihadis to the International Brigades that fought against fascists in the Spanish civil war, they’re blaming the French for terrorist atrocities in Paris and preventing Syrians from speaking at their rallies because they support a no-fly zone.

Stop the War a bunch of Britain hating, terrorist sympathisers according to Guido here they said this

“Both governments have deliberately and shamelessly magnified the threat that IS poses, with barely a trace of nuance or analysis, and presented the snuff videos as prima facie evidence of a psychopathic ‘death cult’”

Such is their hatred of Britain and support for terrorists. Jeremy Corbyn spoke at their Christmas bash.

The Labour Party has been hijacked by Britain hating, democracy hating, Stalinists who want the worst to come upon Britain. Through  Momentum they are collecting data on Labour Party members to control them like typical socialists  would do to bring  about deselections and have the Labour Party taken over by Stalinists like themselves. A lot of Labour party moderates are to frightened to do anything about it in case they are deselected and this gives  Militant Momentum control of the party

There is no doubt that with Militant  Momentum is control, Labour are a threat to our national security.

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3 Responses to Labour are a Threat to our National Security

  1. This is the most challenging problem facing our democracy since 1970s

  2. Jack R says:

    Unite are publicising another demo in London being done by Stop the War group. They blame “The Tories voting to bomb Syria”. What it has got to do with people’s workplace terms and conditions is zero. So Unite, & specifically their general secretary McClusky, are another group now pulling the strings of left-wing politics in the UK. It’s horrendous.

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