Bicycle Thefts in Gipping Ward

It has come to my attention that a number of bicycle thefts have recently taken place in Gipping Ward. All have been in the Burlington polling district apart from one in Speedwell Road.

The Police advise

  • Invest in a good quality lock for your bicycle – D locks are the most effective and a worthwhile investment
  • Use a lock to secure the bike-stand, wheel rim and frame together – making it more difficult for a thief to take
  • Never leave your bike unlocked in a public place – leaving it unattended even for a minute can mean it is gone when you return
  • Find a suitable location to leave and secure your bike – dark alleys, drain-pipes and posts are all best avoided
  • Get your bike security marked by your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or crime prevention officer – making it readily identifiable should it be recovered

More information on cycle security here


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