Ipswich Labour’s Third Bogus Issue Revealed?

Here I siad

Ipswich Labour sources inform us that they are about to carry on the fire service bogus political point scoring exercise and are about to start campaigning about park and ride closures which in reality won’t happen. This will be followed up by a third county issue as they lie to the electorate, saying that the fire service and park and ride will be the first to get the chop. So we know exactly how Ipswich Labour are going to confuse the electorate talking about county issues during a borough election campaign.

Now in January’s edition of the Flyer, David Ellesmere has revealed the third bogus issue. Hilariously he starts his latest Lies News from the Labour Party column with “They say bad news comes in three’s”  then he comes out with squit about cuts. He goes in to detail about the fire service and about the Park and Ride. But in between, the third issue is revealed. He claims that big cuts are going to be made to the police force.

How did I know they were going to campaign on three issues? It’s as if a person or persons in the local Labour Party are telling me stuff isn’t it? But interestingly, the police cuts thing might be a red herring and not Labour’s third bogus issue. The rumour persists that Captain Mainwaring wants to be the police and crime commissioner due to the vultures circling around his position of leader of the borough council and his candidacy for Gipping Ward.

So Ipswich Labour are fighting a vicious, nasty campaign of lies about non borough issues because their record at the borough is so abysmal.

Fire consultation here.


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