Bogus political Point Scoring and the Floods

The left are lying about cuts to flood defence spending. During this parliament £2.3 billion is being spent on flood defences. during the last parliament £1.6 billion was spent on flood defences. During the parliament before that  £1.2 Billion was spent on flood defences.

The left are also making a ridiculous claim that the floods happened because the Tories are bias against the north.  I think this tweet demonstrates the risibility of such nonsense briliantly

But I’m going to expand on it anyway. First of all we haven’t been able to dredge our rivers properly since 2000 because of the EUSSR’s European Water Framework Directive. Secondly, the South East is in the rain shadow. Hence the driest place in the country is Iken in Suffolk and the wettest place in the country is Keswick in Cumbria. The only bias is the bias of the weather. Rain tends to come from the west and water runs fast down mountains. The left think the Tories are controlling the weather!

But as Labour want to be divisive let’s not forget that Baroness Young explained in an interview that creating wildlife habitats could be very expensive, but that by far the cheapest way was simply to allow natural flooding. As she  put it: “Just add water.” Around this time she was heard to say of the Somerset Levels that she would like to see “a limpet mine attached to every pumping station”

The regressive left are claiming that the government received a report weeks before the floods. As if they could have taken the necessary action in a matter of weeks!

Flooding minister Rory Stewart’s constituency is Penrith and the Border. The idea that he would want his a own constituency under water is risible. Only the left would come out with such divisive rubbish but as this Conservative government continues with its one nation approach the absolute divisive falsehood of Labour’s methods will be clear for all to see.

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