Response to Alasdair Ross’s Squit About Train Services

Here on the dRoss Blog, Rushmere councillor for Labour, Alasdair Ross has written some squit in regard to train services.

It starts,

For many work in 2016 will start tomorrow and many will start their day by using a train, our Tory MP, Ben Gummer has banged on about the great improvements that he and his fellow Tory MPs from Witham and Norwich have provided for us on our local railways – what a load of rubbish – most of us have just seen the system get worse but fares increase.

What utter rubbish. Alasdair is just repeating what Corbyn and his left wing loons have said and Alasdair is probably saying it in an attempt to avoid being purged.

There has been improvement to the service  from Ipswich to London and being Ipswich Labour, Alasdair hasn’t got a clue what he is on about. If Ipswich Labour had any idea about local train services they wouldn’t have shown up at Ipswich station at 8:30 AM during the general election campaign to leaflet commuters. Ipswich to Liverpool Street and the tube to the office in half an hour for a 9:00 AM start? If Ipswich Labour think our train service is that good, then why the hell are they complaining?

The next paragraph of the dRoss Blog article says

It has become obvious for many that all Mr Gummer is really interested in is the Ipswich-London line, the cry of ‘Norwich in 90 and Ipswich in 60’ but in fact tat will just mean a worse service for those who just want to travel to Colchester or Chelmsford, maybe Mr Gummer is becoming more like the former Tory MP for South Suffolk – Tim Yeo and just more interested in making it back to London as fast as he can

The point of having a good rail link to London is so that more of the wealth in London is transferred to Ipswich. We understand that Ipswich Labour would rather Ipswich didn’t prosper because in a run down ruinous mess people are more inclined to vote Labour so they can keep it that way.

Now considering other train journeys, for us to to have decent rail connections to the Midlands and the North, we need billions of pounds of investment and it just so happens that this government is investing it. I personally think it would also be beneficial if Abelio Anglia lost the franchise.

Alasdair then says

What i think most commuters and occasional passengers would rather have is a guaranteed Ipswich to London in 75 minutes but with a clean train, seat, wif-fi and maybe a buffet.

This is another reason Abelio Anglia should lose the franchise. Abelio Anglia WIFI is crap.

Alasdair continues

Yet again yesterday there were no trains between Ipswich and Felixstowe,…..

Ben Gummer informed me that Therese Coffey is dealing with the lousy service (when available) between Ipswich and Felixstowe.



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