Changes to the Suffolk Fire Service in Ipswich

The local branch of the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, security threatening student protest group commonly known as the Labour Party were on the Corn Hill in Ipswich today, telling the public that they’re all going to be burnt alive  because of the end of Suffolk having a fire service.  This exercise in scaremongering is an integral part of their borough election campaign. Ipswich Labour are claiming lives are at risk because of cuts to the fire Service. But the facts are as follows.

There are two fire stations in Ipswich. They are  Ipswich East fire station, East Ipswich  and Princes Street fire station , Central Ipswich. At Ipswich East fire station There are three fire engines , one crewed by full – time firefighters and two crewed by on – call firefighters. There are also three specialist response vehicles – aerial ladder platform / operational support unit / incident response unit. At Princes Street fire station There are three fire engines, two crewed by full – time firefighters and one crewed by on – call firefighters . One of the three fire engines is also equipped as an enhanced rescue tender. A specialist water rescue vehicle is based at the station. In 2014/15 Ipswich crews responded to 1,285 emergency callouts within the Ipswich response area; 624 (49 %) of the calls were false alarms. The vehicles detailed above were deployed on 1,992 occasions; some of these deployments were outside of the Ipswich response area.

The proposals are to retain the two fire stations in Ipswich and remove three of the six fire engines. This would provide Ipswich with a full – time fire engine at Princes Street and two fire engines at Ipswich East. One with full – time and one with on – call firefighters . Redevelopment or reprovision of the Princes Street fire station is also proposed . Reprovision would provide opportunity to build a new fire station in the centre of Ipswich, part funded by central government finance. Both options proposed are to be shared blue – light stations with emergency service partners.

Another thing is the fact that you can’t have a good fire service without a strong economy. If you want a good fire and rescue service then you must support the policies necessary for a strong and growing economy. This is why we must never let the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, security threatening student protest group commonly known as the Labour Party near our national economy ever again and it is also imperative to get them away from the economy of Ipswich. There is a direct correlation between high multiples of deprivation and crime and the potential for a fire to occur in the home.

The  2014  report  ‘ The  State  of  Ipswich ’ uses  the  following  areas  as  comparators for  Ipswich Borough ; Harlow District, Colchester Borough, Luton Borough, Exeter City and  Gloucester  City .

 Ipswich has a population of 133,4oo it has 2 fire stations and 6 engines that were called out 1,285 times last year. Luton has a population of 203,200 and 2 fire stations as Ipswich does even though it has a larger population. Luton also only has 3 engines compared to Ipswich’s 6. Last year  Luton had 3,201 call outs compared to Ipswich’s 1,285. By these statistics, we can deduce that Ipswich only having three engines rather than the present six would not be the life threatening disaster that Ipswich Labour are claiming it would be.

Also, if you haven’t filled in the Suffolk County Council consultation form, you can do it here

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2 Responses to Changes to the Suffolk Fire Service in Ipswich

  1. Clair and John Newton says:

    Yet another great myth buster Kevin!

    Ipswich Labour, and Labour generally, send out petitions against Tory cuts (mostly about Suffolk County council), I do not disaprove of this as that is what an opposition should do. The trouble is they include such a ridiclous preamble in these petitions so all the council does is correct the lies in the preamble which makes the petition itself pointless!

    Labour are a usless opposition and is more interested in it’s weak and pathetic leadership rather than tackling the issues which face this country!

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