Guest Post by Clair Newton

My husband John and I voted Labour for most of our lives until we realised the hard way what a devastating impact Labour have had to our country’s finances, but what a “run down ruinous mess” Labour are seeking to make of the town we love.

We feel that this town deserves far better than we are getting from this council. Council tax hikes year on year in the name of protecting “front line services”. The trouble is many of the work reported to the council does not get done or is left for long periods of time without work, leaving many people frustrated and angry. The councils general attitude and Ipswich Labour’s vision for this town leaves a lot to be desired.

I was proud when Ben Gummer MP opened “Sailmakers” which now has such a great new feel and buzz to the town centre. Ben has vision for our town and is delivering on what he has promised. He is also tackling issues at there core, like a the west dock crossing to ease congestion in the Town centre.

Mr Ellesmere bought a contaminated piece of land to “safe guard” our town centre, but not revitalised the town centre to give people incentive to come to Ipswich. The truth is since 2011, when Labour took control of the council more and more shops have closed and this council sends a very bad vibe. Ipswich is a Town with excellent potential and strength. However Labour is a thorn in the side of growth for this town, and it is time that the people of Ipswich elected a Conservative led administration once again.

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