The Christian family refusing to give up its Bethlehem hill farm

The BBC reports here about a Palestinian Christian family that preaches non-violence from a farm in the West Bank fighting to hold on to land it has owned for 98 years, that is now surrounded by Israeli colonial outposts illegal settlements.

On his farm outside Bethlehem, Daher Nassar is picking apples from the ruins of the orchard he planted at least eight years ago. The fruit is scattered across ground freshly opened and imprinted with the tracks of a bulldozer. At the field’s edge, branches reach out from inside a mound of earth, the bark stripped and mangled, unripe almonds still clinging to the trees.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military authorities in the West Bank said the trees were planted illegally on state land. Now as the West Bank is not recognised internationally as part of Israel, this reveals that Israel considers it all part of Israel and any time they talk about a two state solution, they are merely saying it until enough colonial outposts illegal settlements exist to be used as ‘facts on the ground’ to make the two state solution impossible.

The government, together with the Israeli settlers who live around the farm, is “trying to push us to violence or push us to leave,” she says. Amal insists that her family will not move from the land, nor will they abandon their commitment to peaceful resistance.

There are five colonial outposts illegal settlements, the nearest so close that the occupiers  settlers’ voices carry across the valley to the farm.  All of them are considered illegal under international law.

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