Ipswich Borough Council Executive Meeting Report

On Tuesday the Ipswich Borough Executive met.

Item 5 was Public Open Space SPD

Councillor Cenci asked how the other consultations are going. Councillor Jones mentioned it being on the borough councils website. I’ve done a search for it and I haven’t a clue which one of these documents was being referred to.

Item 6 was Carbon Reduction plan

Item 7 was Ipswich Standard – Upgrade of Gas Boiler Replacement Standard

Councillor Cenci asked if they were looking at any other energy improvements.

Item 8 was about the future of Ipswich Labour’s Council Tax payer funded propaganda sheet, the Ipswich Pravda Angle. It was deferred while more information about it is gathered. Obviously Ipswich Labour want to keep their propaganda sheet because their voters like it and the reason their voters like it is, they think it is a Labour publication and not paid for by the voters themselves. It really is a farce that should be stopped.

Item 9 was   Outcome of the Environmental Health Service Review

It was about introducing charges for mice and rats and a host of other pests including tropical ants. David Ellesmere put tropical ants down to global warming when Ipswich being a port is a more likely factor.

Item 10 was The Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement 2016/17 and an Offer to Councils for Future Years .

At this point things started getting interesting.

David Ellesmere talked about a four year settlement guarantee.

Councillor Cenci mentioned that it was in a backdrop of a devolution offer and there was lots of unknowns to it. She was informed by a borough officer that the formula was discredited. Councillor Cenci also mentioned that in paragraph 16 it mentions the devolution solution that nobody has talked about.

All agreed that the government had not given them enough time to sort the whole thing out. There was no detail about any guarantees and Ellesmere said that it would probably be worse if they refused the deal even though it was quite clear at this point that nobody in the room understood what the deal was. Then they all voted to accept the agreement even though none of them knew what the hell they were agreeing to.

Item 11 was Award of Contract for the Delivery of Dry Recyclates

Apparently we now have a bigger choice of stuff the put in our blue bins.

Item 12 was Tender Award – Framework Agreement for Principal Designer under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015

Item 13 was Asbestos Removal Services Contract

Item 14 was Lease of Property for Use as Temporary Accommodation

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