Ellesmere’s Latest Rant

In today’s Ipswich Star, Ipswich Labour leader, David Ellesmere claims the government are sadists who planned too ruin his Christmas. In the latest edition of his weekly rant he calls the local government finance settlement an annual act of sadism the government releases just before Christmas to try and ruin councillors breaks.

There is a rare bit of honesty when he says that they didn’t know what kind of impact it would have and then claims that the borough is £3 million worse off because of it. This is interesting because at the Executive meeting which I reported on here he put it across that he still didn’t have a clue about what the impact was.

After this Ellesmere’s latest  weekly rant seems to be sour grapes by him after losing to our excellent MP, Ben Gummer. Then he rants about cuts made necessary by his party ruining the economy.


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