Iraq witch-hunt gets worse

The Daily Mail reports here

Detectives from a taxpayer-funded probe that is investigating British troops for alleged crimes during the Iraq War threatened to arrest a soldier if he refused to co-operate, it was claimed last night.

The soldier was quizzed on his doorstep by two ex-police officers over an incident he was involved in a decade ago – but when he refused to answer their questions he was told he could be arrested.

That threat is believed to be just one of the ‘tricks’ being used by a team of 145 investigators working for the Iraq Historical Allegations Team (IHAT) to persuade soldiers to talk. They are tasked with filtering the claims and also quizzing former and serving soldiers.

It’s an utter disgrace and to think that these money grabbing bastards have given money to the the odious Emily Thornberry, Jeremy Corbyn’s defence secretary. Story about that  here. Meanwhile the odious war criminal, Tony Blair has yet to be arrested successfully though five attempts have been made so far.

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