South West Area Committee Report

Ben Harvey in Stoke park has done a very concise report on this weeks meeting of the South West Area Committee here

The rise in reported crime was explained. The way reported crime is reported has changed putting up the figure so it is likely to be a spike. Also, the increase in reported sexual offences is down to people feeling more able to report them now and most cases are historic, some going back to the 1960’s.

Police priorities are operation volcanic. 200 needles found in Chantry Park and 200 in found in Alderman Rec. New needle bins have been replaced. I wanted to ask about speeding in Hadleigh Road and Ranelagh Road but the Fire service had a presentation afterwards and the Labour councillors were in a hurry to attack the County Tories. So I’ve Emailed  a question in regard to it instead.

The fire presentation went along the lines of what I explained the situation to  be in this post. Obviously Labour wanted to score some points. It was most interesting to see Labour candidate, Colin Smart reading aloud a rant that he or somebody else had prepared earlier which was rather incoherent. It was answered superbly. I also asked a question but I didn’t need to write it down before hand. I referred to the fact that we are reducing our engines down form six to three so we would have the same amount as Luton which has a higher population and more call outs. I asked if the geographic location of the engines and the congestion in Ipswich had been put in to account. I( was informed that it was a number of source of information that they used and that they had considered moving out of Princes Street to Landmark House. Data obtained showed that the locations of our two fire stations are right.


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