Corbyn’s Hatred of Britain

The Britain hating, security threatening, terrorist sympathiser, Jeremy Corbon hates Britain so much that he wants to implement a mandate based on the wishes of a mere 0.2% of the population of the Falkland Islands against the will of the majority of 99.93%. Jeremy Corbyn told Argentinian diplomats he backs a Northern Ireland-style power sharing deal on the Falklands it has emerged. Story here


Corbyn also has demonstrated his utter contempt for this country with a recent visit to Calais and has called on the government to allow thousands of migrants living in camps there into this country. Meanwhile we have ex service personnel sleeping in doorways and Corbyn and his ideologically poisonous crowd don’t give a damn about them. The reason they don’t care about homeless British people? Corbyn and his ilk hate all British people.


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1 Response to Corbyn’s Hatred of Britain

  1. Jack R says:

    What a terrible man he is. Thankfully he has no power in this country, apart from the ridiculous spectacle of him being a privy councillor. I hope that the other members and The Sovereign determine all measures prior to his arrival on each occasion.
    There can be no way this person can be trusted with state secrets.

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