Israel will lose friends if no peace made with Palestinians:

Former British foreign secretary, William Hague. calls for greater pressure from the US towards resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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During a press conference held at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in the Capital, Hague highlighted that a peace resolution must be made, but it needs the cooperation of Israeli leaders.

“I often said to Israeli leaders: over time you are losing friends across the world, including in Britain and in Europe. One day there will only be the US Congress supporting you, and then where will you be with only one set of friends in the world?”

Recently, the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, called on the international community to take the appropriate steps, in order to stop violations made by the Israelis in Al Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam. The President’s comments, which came in a solidarity message addressed to Paul Badji, Chairman of the committee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, stressed for peace and security.

He noted the negotiated standards based on terms of reference on a two-state solution could end all Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories, and an opportunity to establish a viable Palestinian state, with Al Quds as its capital.

Shaikh Khalifa reiterated the UAE’s coherent position in supporting the rights of the Palestinian people and the need for global recognition of an independent state.

The President stressed that the “provocative” Israeli practices are “null, void and illegal,” and constitute a deliberate violation of the provisions of international law, international humanitarian law, Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and international legitimacy resolutions.

Hague also called for a dynamic movement and greater pressure from the US towards resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in order to live alongside one another, without fear and insecurity.

“Of course I can now speak very frankly, I do not speak for the British government, or any government. These are my own views,” he said.

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