Ipswich Labour’s lies about the Suffolk Fire Service

On Monday the Ipswich Borough Leader, David Ellesmere had a party political broadcast about changes to the fire service. The whole ranting and rambling article is designed to frighten people.

Why do Labour do this? Why are they constantly economic with the truth and why do they consistently tell outright lies for electioneering purposes?

It is a most misleading article which attempts to propagate the notion that the county Tories don’t care about Ipswich and are cutting it’s fire cover and protecting elsewhere. This is a lie. Ipswich presently has 76 fire fighters and it will be reduced to 56. Bury and Lowestoft have 26. So it is clear that there are more fire fighters in Ipswich.

Ellesmere doesn’t mention why the cuts are necessary. They are necessary because Labour torched our economy. Ellesmere has the audacity to claim that Osborne isn’t balancing the books when it was Labour who totally unbalanced them and brought us to the brink of bankruptcy by borrowing money and burning it on rubbish.

Today Ipswich Labour were out in Rushmere Ward scaring the electorate there and getting people to sign their Mailshot harvester petition, pretending to care about peoples well being while only caring about the Britain hating, terrorist sympathising, threat to national security that is their their wretched party.

Fire service consultation here.

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