Such is Labour’s Hatred of Britain

The fact that Labour hate Britain is well established but there are some things that make it clearer. Recently Jeremy Corbyn went over to the camp near Calais to have some of it’s inhabitants take selfies of themselves with the duzzy idiot to have them vote Labour if they managed to get here. Jeremy looked very happy there because he liked the people there and there is a reason he and his supporters like them. The reason Jeremy Corbyn and so many of his supporters like the swarm of conscription dodgers, terrorists and economic migrants in Calais is because they are not British.  So they want them all to come here, overload our public services, stop social cohesion and help Labour destroy the country they hate.

Corbyn’s crew hate Britain so much that they can not believe anywhere else could be worse. Hence Jes Phillips compared the sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne to a night out in Birmingham

Such is Labour’s hatred of Britain.

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1 Response to Such is Labour’s Hatred of Britain

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    They really do hate this country don’t they?

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