The Renegotiation Farce.

David Cameron was right to renegotiate but unfortunately due to the ideological nature of the EU project, he has come back with nothing.

And look how quickly they’re going back on the deal.

The draft says that the UK is not committed to ever closer union but that doesn’t matter if it is the will of Brussels. There is a proposal for a legally binding agreement that our Parliament can, block unwanted EU laws with a ‘red card’ but only when we act with some others in Europe. So if nobody else acts, we’ll be lumbered with EU laws we don’t want. The commitment ensuring that every year the European Commission will review the burden of regulation on businesses will only be about burdens to business trading with each other in Europe. The fact that EU regulations are detrimental to out trade with nations out side the EU will remain.

Concerning immigration this new law to prevent EU migrants working here from sending child benefit overseas at UK rates sounds good but the emergency brake that will mean people coming to Britain from within the EU will have to wait four years until they have full access to our benefits will have to be agreed to by the European parliament before it takes effect. It is obvious that the vote will go against us.

This German MEP says “It is crucial that the emergency brake can only be triggered by the European Commission”

EU migrants will no longer be able to claim Universal Credit while looking for work. This sounds good but it isn’t going to stop anybody from the EU coming here. So they’ll come here, end up sleeping on the streets and get deported in six months. What a stupid idea.

Not everyone is disappointed by the PM’s deal – here’s what one Romanian MEP thinks of it.

There is nothing in the draft to protect our borders, protect our fishing industry and help our farmers.

What is needed we are not going to get because it is against the federalist, undemocratic ideology that guides the union. Cameron has tried and he was right to do so. But the EU isn’t going to budge on any of the major issues we have with it. We’re better off out.

Get Britain out!

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