My week ahead, 8 – 13 February 2016

Monday 8 February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Thursday 11 February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Yesterday Labour MEP Richard Howitt was in Ipswich. We understand that Ipswich Labour had a campaign forum to discuss how to persuade people to do what is not in Britain’s interests by voting to stay in the EUSSR. They also went canvassing in Sprites Ward telling people that our agricultural industry and our fishing industry being ruined, unnecessary business red tape destroying businesses, interference in our trade agreements outside the EUSSR making them useless, laws set by unelected bureaucrats in Europe, no border control and an open door policy on immigration is all worthwhile because as members of the EUSSR our politicians get invited to some nice lunches over there.

While Ipswich Labour were in Sprites campaigning for the continued detriment of Britain, Ipswich Conservatives were in Sprites Ward reassuring residents who had been shaken by events earlier in the week.

Next week Ipswich Labour are meeting a couple of shadow cabinet ministers. They are also having their AGM on Wednesday and intelligence sources inform us that there is a meeting before hand concerning their selection of a police and crime commissioner candidate. Who it is going to be yet, we don’t know but the rumour persists, that it is going to be Captain Mainwaring. The consensus is that two hats is not enough for David Ellesmere and being Borough leader and Gipping Ward candidate is not enough, so he wants the PCC candidate hat as well. But there is also a rumour that he is stepping down in Gipping and being replaced with Colin Smart. Intelligence sources also inform us that even though they claim to have had a massive increase in members, they are short of council candidates. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Also this week the Prime Minister came back from the EUSSR with a deal which was quite frankly, rubbish. None of the issues created by the EUSSR that British people are concerned about have been addressed. There is absolutely no doubt that we should leave.

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