The EU Deal isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

We now know how subjugated we are by the EU. Our Prime Minister had to go and grovel to the leaders of other countries to get laws changed in our country. The end result of which is a deal that is as legally binding as an unsigned contract. As a matter of fact, page 18 of the document says it can be referred back to the President who can decide to refer it to the Council for change or abandonment as soon as we decide to stay in. Thin gruel? No it’s a pretence played out to persuade those who are undecided.

Even if the deal was legally binding, (which it isn’t) it’s solves nothing. The emergency brake on migrants’ benefits for four years when there are exceptional level would only operate for seven years with the EU’s permission. Permission is likely not to be granted. There is absolutely nothing to stop migrants from poorer parts of the EU coming here. So they’ll still come and stopping benefits is likely to cause them to be destitute. So it’s a case of one problem being solved by creating another one. The only solution is to have control over our borders and control over who comes here and the only way we can do that is by leaving the European Union.

Now I’d like to address the claims being put out by Operation Scare Tactic.

They claim that staying in the EU would be good for security. Security? Well Srebrenica happened under their watch – so much for security. It is NATO that provides security not the EU and NATO that is preventing its own members from making war on each other. It was NATO that sorted out Kosovo, not the EU. Further more, we have intelligence cooperation through the five eyes. ,Being in the EU doesn’t make  Britain safer Having the UK in the EU makes the EU safer. They shelter under our nuclear deterrent free of charge and now they want to be able to order our troops into action.

They claim that staying in the EU would be good for jobs. On the contrary! We used to have marine research laboratories looking after our fisheries and they were all closed by the EU. We used to have coal fired power stations and cheap electricity and  now we have to pay the French to think about renewing nuclear.

They say that the EU is about trade. Balderdash! When we trade with non EU countries the non EU countries have to pay a tariff to the EU. As we are the only country in the EU that trades more with non EU countries than EU countries, this may explain why they want to keep us in their bondage.

Also, any trade agreement we make with anyone outside the EU has to be approved by the EU and before they approve them they make them unworkable by adding irrelevant nonsense. So we have our Prime Minister visiting Asia and getting trade agreements which have to be approved by our unelected rulers in Brussels who insist on so much alterations that the agreements are pointless.

There has been nothing to address the EU’s continuing wrecking of our farming industry through the Common Agricultural Policy and the EU’s continued theft of our fish through the Common Fisheries Policy.

The European Union is an undemocratic, totalitarian, economically spurious, federalist project and everything that says otherwise is all smoke and mirrors. They are obsessively driven by their federal socialist ideology and will do whatever they believe is necessary to continue it. So the Greeks will continue to suffer under EU imposed austerity, Europe will continue to be invaded by swarms of migrants and Britain’s economy will continue to be held back all for the benefit of their hideous project.

Get Britain out. Vote leave.

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