Why the PM’s arguments for REMAIN don’t stack up


The Prime Minister is trying to convince Britain that REMAIN is the best and the safest choice.  It’s pretty obvious to anyone who bothers to think about these things that his arguments don’t stack up. Here’s why.cameronlyingThe PM says he can tell us what our future looks like if we REMAIN, but the future for LEAVE is “a leap in the dark!”

UNTRUE because EU Charter overrides British law.  The PM’s EU deal contains a clause (that he agreed), that we can never complain again.  We  have no control over our borders and have no idea what the EU will decide for us. How can we predict a future that is not within our control?  We cannot bank on guarantees that we will be saved from ever closer union for example.  The PM did not tell the truth about this in the EU debate. The EU deal could…

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