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Conservative Ipswich Borough Council Election Candidates

YOUR Conservative Candidates by Electoral Ward: Alexandra – Chandima Perera Bixley – John Carnall Bridge – Richard Dighton Gainsborough – Quaid Combstock Gipping – Kevin Algar Holywells – Heather Mills Priory Heath – Andy Shannon Rushmere – Paul Cawthorn St. … Continue reading

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Farewell to Chris and Pam Stewart who have both served the borough of Ipswich, Whitton, Castle Hill, Holywells and Ipswich Conservatives well. They have both been excellent councillors and shall be missed. Also farewell to Councillor Murray, who has served … Continue reading

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The Vindictiveness of John Cook

I don’t usually do ad hominem attacks these days but after reading Ipswich Labour’s twitter page, I actually felt physically sick. Carrot Road Season Ticket Holder, Alexandra Councillor for Labour and Ipswich Labour’s agent, John Cook is a politically viscous, … Continue reading

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On Iian Duncan Smith’s Resignation

I understand that the continuous barrage of vitriolic hate mail by the nasty, rancid left would have influenced Iian Duncan Smith’s decision to resign but cutting disabled benefits while giving tax cuts to high earners is not one nation conservativism. … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Donald Trump

It gives me great pleasure to share with you all this guest post by Donald Trump. —— Are you Ready to Solve Whatever It Is? Well you know. Whatever it is we’re going to do something. We know something should … Continue reading

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Lib Dem Focus

Locally in Ipswich it would appear the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Liberal Democrats are defunct. They haven’t sent any of their weekly Email Digests for some time. So we must presume they are not doing anything and it … Continue reading

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South West Area Committee Report

Conservative Candidate for Stoke Park, Ben Harvey has written a good report on the meeting concerning the police update and funding requests here During the public questions the Labour councillors seemed to insinuate that the county council are to blame … Continue reading

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Ipswich Borough Executive Meeting Report

Yesterday evening was the meeting of the Ipswich Borough Executive and Ipswich Labour intended to use it for party political purposes but ended up being annihilated by Conservative Group Leader Nadia Cenci. Item 7 was  New Homes Bonus: Sharpening the … Continue reading

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Response to Ellesmere’s Article on Housing

After hiking up every-bodies council tax unnecessarily Ipswich Labour have put their borough election campaign in full swing. Hence in today’s Morning Ipswich Star, David Ellesmere has written lots of lies. Ellesmere’s latest weekly rant is about housing. Now for … Continue reading

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Latest from Ben Gummer

In his column in the Star yesterday, Paul Geater sharpened his pen and made a typically perceptive critique of how far the Ipswich Vision had got in its first eight months. He observed that whilst the aspirations were sound, not … Continue reading

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