For the Sake of Democracy Vote Leave

Prior to 2010 the Conservative Party position on Europe was that it needed to be democratised. This was also my view at the time. Unfortunately no EU reform could take place while we were in coalition with the sickeningly europhile yellow peril. But early on during the coalition government we saw that the EU can not be democratised and events of November 2011 made it blatantly obvious.

Eurozone countries were coerced into balancing their budgets and reducing their debt through what Merkel and Sarkozy called a ‘true European economic government movement’ made up of all the heads of state and led, initially, by the unelected EU President, Herman Van Rompuy. Story here.

What we saw happening was  the Franco/German axis taking over Europe by economic stealth. They  managed to replace the Greek government with an unelected government answerable to the unelected, unaccountable commissioners in Brussels. They tyrannically replaced an elected politician with a Brussels technocrat who would do exactly what the masters of Europe wanted him to do. After this, they forcefully  removed Berlusconi and replaced him with a former EU Commissioner who would do exactly what they told him to do in the interests of their project of ever closer political union.

We now live in a situation where 75% of our laws are made by the EU political entity. 75% of our laws are made by faceless, unelected, unaccountable people in Brussels.

We no longer live in a free democracy. We elect a parliament in Westminster who then do what the undemocratic European Union tells them to do.

Some people in the EU like the undemocratic nature of the union because compared to being under Stalin or Franco, it’s quite an improvement. But we have had better than what the EU gives us and as the mother of democracy, we should continue to have better than being ruled by  this dictatorial  bureaucracy.

It is of no surprise that democratisation is not in any part of the renegotiation deal. This is because democracy is something that the EU is strongly against. In the interests of democracy, we should leave this horrendous entity.

Those who want to stay in this organisation claim that the EU has democracy through the European parliament. The fact is, the European parliament merely rubber stamps what the unelected commission wants.

We were promised an open debate. This promise has clearly been broken. Ministers who support leaving the EU are being deprived full access to their own civil servants. To order civil servants not to show them EU-related documents is unfair and absurd. While this is going on, the In Crowd are using the full apparatus of the state to get across their pro EU propaganda. This flies in the face of democratic debate and is probably being done under the commission’s  orders. We are not a free people while being in the EU.

Here Suffolk County Council leader, Colin Noble has written an article stating why we should stay in the EU. He says that it boils down to three basic things, Security, Jobs and Economic Prosperity. These are areas that are important.

First of all security. The European Union has not kept peace in Europe. It was the UN that stop the atrocities taking place in Bosnia and it was NATO who stop the bloodshed in Kosovo. Our defence is provided by our membership of NATO strengthened by the specuial relationship between us and the US. The other aspect of security is protection from terrorism. When Turkey joins the EU we will be in a political entity that has a border with Daesh. We also get a lot of our intelligence from the five eyes. (UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.) Furthermore the idea that EU countries will no longer want us and them to share intelligence with each other putting their own citizens at risk is absurd.

Now concerning the economy. The Europe which is a single free market with trade agreements without ridiculous red tape is the EEA (European Economic Area) which we are a member of and would remain a member of if we left the EU, but the EU is an anti democracy, political project of ever closer, centralised, fiscal and political union that has absolutely nothing to do with trade or economics.

We have always been outward looking. We never became a global power by looking inwardly. Also our permanent seat on the UN Security Council and our membership of The Commonwealth mean that we shall remain outward looking. Now the growing economies are places like China and India and it’s great that David Cameron has visited those countries to get more trade for this country but because we are part of the anti democracy, political project of ever closer, centralised, fiscal and political union that has absolutely nothing to do with trade or economics, we can not make a trade deal on our own but do it through the EU who then add lots of clauses to the deal to make it absolutely unworkable.

We have no control over our farming industry, no control over our fishing waters and no control over our borders. To get back control and to live in a democracy again, we should leave the EU.


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