Ipswich Labour Disingenuous Again

Last Monday a rather disingenuous post appeared on Ipswich Labour’s website that had the hallmarks of somebody who spends their Saturday afternoons at Carrot Road. It claimed that the Ipswich Tories are in disarray and Labour are IN for Britain.

The truth is, Ipswich Labour are doing what they believe is best for the Labour Party while  Ipswich Conservatives are doing what they believe is best for Britain.

It is very dishonest of Ipswich Labour in light of this tweet by Sudbury Labour councillor, Luke Cresswell.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour Disingenuous Again

  1. Julie says:

    They are such a dishonest horrible people.

  2. Well at least Luke has gone up slightly in my estimation. Labour are pretending they don;t have a split, pretending their party is not in complete disarray and they hope one does not notice that they’re being taken over by the crazy bunch

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