Response to Ellesmere’s Article on Housing

After hiking up every-bodies council tax unnecessarily Ipswich Labour have put their borough election campaign in full swing. Hence in today’s Morning Ipswich Star, David Ellesmere has written lots of lies.

Ellesmere’s latest weekly rant is about housing. Now for a bit of history. The last Labour government would not allow council’s to build council houses and also insisted that central government kept most of the rent money. The Coalition government changed that and allowed councils to keep the money and also build more council houses. Being a disingenuous bunch, Ipswich Labour decided to build council houses, claim the new houses were all their idea and make the council house building exercise a central plank of David Ellesmere’s failed parliamentary election campaign. Furthermore, more houses could have been built if the council went into partnership with local housing associations but for purely ideological reasons, Ipswich Labour chose the more expensive option of no housing association involvement and had to build less houses as a result.

Now today, it appears that Ipswich Labour’s vanity project is going to be used again for next May’s elections. David Ellesmere has written lots of outright lies. He claims that it was Labour who allowed councils to build council houses. This is an outright lie! He then claims that they are unable to build more council houses because the government are legislating to have rents fall by 1% a year. This tells us all we need to know about Labour. The Tories are allowing working families to keep more off their income by reducing rents and Ipswich Labour consider this a rotten thing to do. Labour want to kick the working class down while the Tories want to empower the working class. Hence Ipswich Labour are annoyed that they are no longer able to hike up their tenants rent year after year as they have been joyfully doing to kick the working class down. Obviously Ellesmere can’t say that because it would be against the lie that Labour are for the working class, so he claims it is hindering house building instead.

Ellesmere claims that it now looks like their housing programme could grind to a halt through lack of funds by the end of this parliament. Well Councillor Ellesmere, if you had allowed housing association involvement you would now have more funds available. So the reason you have less money to build more houses is the implementation of your socialist ideology.

Also, the thing with Ipswich Labour’s election campaign council house building programme is that it stipulates that all housing needs can be met by the building of more council houses.This is a non sequitur. It doesn’t even follow that all housing needs can be met by building more housing of any kind. For instance, people with mental health issues or former services personnel need support networks on top of housing. Also, people can end up homeless through debt and building more houses isn’t going to clear personal debt. So though building more housing is part of the solution, it is not the whole solution.

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1 Response to Response to Ellesmere’s Article on Housing

  1. hi kevin
    I’m sure the labour administration have convinced themselves that they should take credit for council house building. As I said at full council, when there is good news, it’s all down to Ipswich Labour administration. When there is bad news, it’s all down to Tory run SCC or the government. but in traditional socialist victim style, negative stuff is always someone else’s fault.
    Accusing them of lying might be a bit harsh because I do think they believe their own rhetoric but you are absolutely right. Because of the coalitions change in where council rent goes, we have had millions of pounds more each year to spend on council housing. And just like the homes bonus which was used to incentivise and worked a treat, they will now moan about it going from 6 years to 4 years because unlike other councils , they already included that 6 years into the budget instead of into reserves and now they will moan about that, not telling you the full story.

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