Ipswich Borough Executive Meeting Report

Yesterday evening was the meeting of the Ipswich Borough Executive and Ipswich Labour intended to use it for party political purposes but ended up being annihilated by Conservative Group Leader Nadia Cenci.

Item 7 was  New Homes Bonus: Sharpening the Incentive Technical Consultation. Councillor Martin Cook proceeded to claim that the government’s changes would blunt house building and rambled a bit about the government. Now Councillor Cook didn’t mention this but according to Labour’s 2015 manifesto, Labour were going to scrap the New Homes Bonus. The fact that Milliband was  going to scrap it was gloriously brought up by Conservative Group Leader, Nadia Cenci. She then proceeded to mention that it was because of Labour wrecking the nation’s finances and exposed Labour’s disingenuous hypocrisy.

Councillor Jones then  claimed that it was an attack on local democracy concerning planning. Councillor Cenci responded by pointing out that the point of it is clearly to encourage house building. Councillor Jones then irately started waffling about Ravenswood and Eric Pickles. Councillor Cenci stood up for the residents who didn’t want the development.

Item 13 was  Review of Organic Waste Collection. Councillor Smart accused Suffolk County Council of cost shunting Martin Cook started talking about cost shunting too and claimed that it is probably illegal. He claimed it was cost shunting to let the county off the hook. Now it just so happens that the decision was not made by Suffolk County Council but by the Suffolk Waste Partnership and it also just happens that Councillor Smart is on it. Facts which Councillor Cenci stated in her rebuttal of their party political statements. Was Councillor Smart at the meeting? Why didn’t he fight hard enough? Naturally Councillor Cenci enquired. Councillor Smart’s answer left us all none the wiser.

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1 Response to Ipswich Borough Executive Meeting Report

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    This post is so good I wish I was there.

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