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Locally in Ipswich it would appear the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Liberal Democrats are defunct. They haven’t sent any of their weekly Email Digests for some time. So we must presume they are not doing anything and it is probably because all five members have fallen out a with each other again.


It’s still a two donkey Race between the Lib Dems and Spoilt Ballot Paper

After the Liberal Democrats so gloriously destroyed themselves at the general election, they have been long forgotten about by most people but they still have a few MP’s and they have been having their Spring conference  where they have been trying to regain the comedy mantel that has been taken off them by Corbyn’s security threatening, Britain hating, terrorist sympathising, student protest group which was once the Labour Party. You would think that trying to wrestle back the comedy mantel would be a task to hard for the Lib Dems  but unbelievably they have made a very good try at it.

Lib Dem leader, Tim somebody has announced candidate shortlists. This goes a bit further than Labour’s women only shortlists


Liberal Democrats at their Spring Conferance

So far in fact that it is in the realm of ridiculousness. He wants to bring in   Women-only, shortlists  gay-only shortlists,  lesbian-only shortlists, bisexual-only shortlists, transexual -only shortlists, disabled-only shortlists, Asian-only shortlists, black-only shortlists and probably a host of other shortlists. You can read about it here. This is an area of comedy that has allowed the Lib Dems to retake the comedy mantel off Labour. Now obviously these shortlists are about telling different groups how much they love them. It’s about the Lib Dems being the obsequious creeps they always have been.

To make sure the comedy mantel was taken back, their leader announced  that the Lib Dems could be main party of government in a decade. You can read about the announcement in all its hilarity here

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