The Vindictiveness of John Cook

I don’t usually do ad hominem attacks these days but after reading Ipswich Labour’s twitter page, I actually felt physically sick. Carrot Road Season Ticket Holder, Alexandra Councillor for Labour and Ipswich Labour’s agent, John Cook is a politically viscous, habitual liar. You will find many lies and disingenuous comments written by him on Ipswich Labour’s twitter page.

The exaggerated claims about the number of activists they had in Sprites we can just put down to being sabre rattling bluff, but then came this tweet.

This is utterly disgusting. They are aware that Councillors Chris and Pam Stewart are moving to Loughborough to be near their family. He is also aware that they missed a council meeting when their grandson was in hospital. But being vindictively, politically vicious, John Cook decided to be disingenuous for the purpose of bogus political point scoring. Councillor Murray is also resigning for personal reasons.

What makes this worse is the fact that during the general election campaign, John Cook stormed into the Ipswich Conservative office ranting and being threatening about a truthful post he didn’t like on Ipswich Labour’s favourite blog. I smell hypocrisy. Just as well for him I wasn’t there at the time because I would’ve asked him if he’d rather I called the police or the electoral commission.

Later John Cook followed up his nasty tweet with this one.

What’s that about? By this we know who the real nasty party is around here don’t we? Let’s make sure that there is a lot less of them in six weeks time.

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4 Responses to The Vindictiveness of John Cook

  1. Julie says:

    What a nasty, horrible man

  2. Are you sure that’s John Cook? i know he does do twitter account but does anyone else? Ive asked this question publicly as I’m sure others have wondered the same. I will take this up with their leader but it seems more of a councillor Ross thing than a Cook. And of course it is all fibs. They know very well that the Stewarts are moving far away to be with grandchildren. My group is as solid as a rock and they know that too. Desperate measures whoever it is.

  3. okay – thankyou for confirming.

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